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    American Craft Beer Company announces UK launch Of Vail Valley & Denver Co Crazy Mountain Brewing


    The American Craft Beer Company has announced it will commence managing the beer portfolio of Crazy Mountain Brewing Company for retail to UK customers.

    Crazy Mountain Brewing Company of Vail Valley & Denver CO USA have set up a UK subsidiary and appointed the American Craft Beer Company to run its operations with immediate effect.

    The American Craft Beer Company will focus on four key brands from Crazy Mountain Brewing Company across both draught and packaged and these brands will cater for the increased demand from UK consumers for American craft beers.

    Crazy Mountain will launch a speciality 750ml bottle specifically to cater for the UK market.

    On Draught:

    Crazy Mountain Amber Ale

    Crazy Mountain Creedence Pilsner

    Crazy Mountain Livin’ Pale Ale


    Crazy Mountain Amber Ale

    Crazy Mountain Creedence Pilsner

    Crazy Mountain Livin’ Pale Ale

    Crazy Mountain Hookiebobb IPA

    The Crazy Mountain Brewing Company ( is owned by Kevin & Marisa Selvy and if they hadn’t met over beers in a tasting room in San Francisco, they would still be struggling against the current of chaotic city life. Instead, they crafted a brewery scheme and followed their hearts to Colorado where they brew the finest craft beer and live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Crazy Mountain Brewery is the Vail Valley’s first production brewery, but really it’s a declaration of freedom.

    In August 2015 the pair successfully purchased the Denver Brewery that was occupied by their Breckenenridge friends and now they have a brewery in both Vail and Denver Colorado. This expansion sees Crazy Mountain move from the 3500ish brewer in the US to the 39th in one move.

    Next month Crazy Mountain beers will be introduced to the public during the Craft Beer Rising Festival when the event takes over The Old Truman Brewery on 26-27th February 2016. The fourth annual Craft Beer Rising Festival will feature 150 top exhibitors pouring over 380 beers.

    “Crazy Mountain is thrilled to be a part of a unique festival focused on bringing quality craft beer into the hands of consumers and believe it is the perfect opportunity to debut Crazy Mountain’s hand-crafted artisan ales to the UK”, said the brewery.


    Crazy Mountain Amber Ale – 4.9%ABV


    Crazy Mountain Amber Ale was named after a mountain on the Selvy Family’s ranch in Central Colorado. “Loco Mountain” translates from Spanish to “Crazy Mountain,” and this beer is crazy good.

    This delightfully floral American style Amber Ale displays a wonderful balance while still maintaining a profound hoppy goodness. We load this beer with a ridiculous and obscene amount of West Coast hops that are added late in the boil, resulting in a hoppy beer without any bitterness.


    Crazy Mountain Creedence – 5.25%ABV


    This Pilsner is modelled after the classic bohemian Pilsners of Europe. We use high quality Pilsner malt to lend the beer a nice delicate flavour and aroma. We add classic Czech hops to give a slightly spicy cedar nose with a light floral finish. This delicately malted; easy-drinking beer is enjoyable on your porch during the warm months, as well as for après ski after a long day skiing powder.


    Mountain Livin’ – 5.2% ABV


    Our easy-drinking Pale Ale’s namesake truly represents life in the mountains. The Colorado mountain lifestyle is laid back, fulfilled and relaxed. Just like the meadow scene on the can, nature is summer’s backdrop for all outdoor fun: hiking, rafting, mountain biking and horseback riding. We utilise two types of American hops in such a way that we put the flavour of these hops centre stage and let their bitterness fade into the background. The hop forward character of this beer is represented not in its bittering qualities, but in the unique, fruit forward flavour of two new and somewhat experimental American hop varieties. Enjoy this beer with a fresh approach to how a Pale Ale expresses its inner hoppiness.


    Hookiebobb – 6.7%ABV


    In the 1960s, before Vail Village was paved and closed to vehicles, “hookiebobbing” referred to those committed fools who, while on skis, grabbed onto the bumper of passing cars to tow them up to the lifts. Our IPA is a Colorado approach to the American take of an English classic. Three aggressive yet floral American hops and one hop from Down Under team together to make a bright, citrusy and floral India Pale Ale. A deep caramel malt helps to balance the bitterness of the hops and lets the complex hop bill shine.

    The American Craft Beer Company Founder Mark Smith says, “Having been involved in the beer industry for the last 25 years, craft beers, and specifically US craft beers offer the most excitement to consumers and retailers. Crazy Mountain have a great beer pedigree and when you weave this together with their background of being from the Rocky Mountains of the USA then we have a great story to tell.


    We are thrilled to be working with Crazy Mountain Brewing Company and their beers are simply exceptional.”

    Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, Kevin Selvy, CEO says, “The American Craft Beer Company have a unique perspective on our beers and the role they can play in the UK market. We can’t wait to hang out in a few bars and enjoy our beers.”