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    Natty Greens Have Built A New Brewery

    Our friends at Natty Greens have built a new brewery, so if you’re in the US, you should visit as their beers taste simply great.

    Occupying the space that was once Revolution Mill’s carpentry shop, Natty Greene’s Kitchen + Market is not only a restaurant but also a market and butchery. The restaurant boasts two full service dining rooms, mezzanine with lounge seating, two indoor bars and a patio with a full bar, dining area and lounge area. Their cuisine is simple yet delicious with a focus on quality and freshness. The meats are butchered in-house daily and the breads are baked on site; hence their tagline, “The Butcher, The Baker, and the Beer-Maker.” The market aspect of the Kitchen + Market is where customers can get specialty cut meats and take-home containers of items featured on their menu. They’ll also have rotating seasonal produce from local farmers as well as sundries and artisan goods.